Leadership & Governance

Physicians Healthcare Collaborative is led by experienced healthcare and administrative professionals dedicated to improving the healthcare system in a way that is beneficial to the patient's overall well-being.

Jonathan Hines, MD, Chairman of the Board, Wilmington Health

Governing Body

  • Jeff James, CEO, ACO Participant Representative (Wilmington Health)
  • Jonathan Hines, MD, ACO Participant Representative (Wilmington Health)
  • John Parker, MD, ACO Participant Representative (Wilmington Health)
  • Allen Gray, Medicare Beneficiary Representative
  • John Pasquariello, MD, ACO Participant Representative (Wilmington Health)
  • Josh Dobstaff, MD, ACO Participant Representative (Wilmington Health)
  • Suzanne Smith, MD, MPT, FAAP, ACO Participant Representative (Wilmington Health)

This group of individuals will oversee the activities of Physicians Healthcare Collaborative and ensure its adherence to objectives set forth in its charter.

Leadership Team

The leadership team will implement strategies and monitor the successes of Physicians Healthcare Collaborative. They will also be charged with reporting information to the public and the governing body.

Jeff James, Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Hines, MD, Chief Medical Officer

David Schultz, MD, Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer

Melissa Odom, ACO Executive


A number of committees will be formed to attack issues that can have a significant impact on the quality of healthcare provided to the patient and the financial savings generated toward the system. Each committee will report activities and successes as they occur to the leadership team.

Quality Committee - Jonathan Hines, MD, chairperson

Development and Growth Committee - Jeff James, chairperson

IT/Data Committee - Brian Webster, MD, chairperson

Finance Committee - Jeff James, chairperson

Clinical Metrics Committee - David Schultz, MD, chairperson