Financial Performance

A primary objective of Physicians Healthcare Collaborative is to work toward creating financial savings within the healthcare system through the improvement of the quality and delivery of healthcare to Medicare Fee-for-Service patients. We want to demonstrate and communicate the impact of the combined efforts of all those participating in Physicians Healthcare Collaborative have on the Medicare system. To that end, we will be providing financial updates as to the savings generated and how those funds will be distributed back into the healthcare system.

Medicare Shared Savings Performance - Agreement Period, Beginning 2013

2015 2014 2013
Total Benchmark Expenditures Minus Total Expenditures $479,019 $172,746 $530,332
Total Savings $479,019 $172,746 $530,332
Minimum Savings Rate 2.8% 2.9% 2.8%
Minimum Savings Rate $2,939,858 $2,716,818 $2,683,228
Earned Shared Savings/Owe Losses $0 $0 $0

The ACO plans to use any shared savings earned to first cover operating costs and establish adequate reserves to meet future infrastructure needs and operations. It then plans to share savings between the ACO and ACO Participants/provider/suppliers on a 40/60 basis. The ACO will retain 40% of any shared savings after operating costs for the purpose of reinvesting in the development and growth of the ACO.