Working with insurance providers, we are dedicated to:

Better care for the individual

Improved care for the individual

Better health for the community

Improved health for the community

Reduced expenditures for health insurance and Medicare beneficiaries

Reduced expenditures for health insurance and Medicare Fee-for-Service beneficiaries

We are confident that we will make a positive impact on each of the objectives defined above and will provide feedback as to how we are performing.

Role of an ACO in Delivering Healthcare


Doctors and other healthcare providers choose to participate in an ACO because because they're committed to providing you with a quality care experience. For you, this means your doctors will communicate better with each other, and you avoid having duplicate tests or answering the same questions over and over. Working together, your doctors can do more to make sure you get high quality care.

One benefit to a more coordinated care system is the lowering of medical expenditures. You will likely incur less in medical costs through a more coordinated healthcare system because you will not be required to have additional examinations, testing, and consultations, and you can achieve improved health through a more proactive approach to preventive care.

Of utmost importance to each of the participating providers and Physicians Healthcare Collaborative is the continued privacy of patient information. The patient data that you agree to share with us will only be utilized to improve your care and create a stronger healthcare delivery system.