Leadership & Governance

Physicians Healthcare Collaborative is led by experienced healthcare and administrative professionals dedicated to improving the healthcare system in a way that is beneficial to the patient's overall well-being.

Governing Body

  • Brian Webster, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer (Wilmington Health)
  • David Schultz, MD, Chief Medical Officer (Wilmington Health)
  • Catherine Daum, MD, Primary Care Provider, Cost and Utilization Director (Wilmington Health)
  • Michael Parker, MD, Specialist, (Wilmington Health)
  • Michael Favorito, MD, Anchor (Wilmington Health)
  • Ryan Dougherty, MD, Anchor (Wilmington Health)
  • Allen Gray, Community Member

This group of individuals will oversee the activities of Physicians Healthcare Collaborative and ensure its adherence to objectives set forth in its charter.

Leadership Team

The leadership team will implement strategies and monitor the successes of Physicians Healthcare Collaborative. They will also be charged with reporting information to the public and the governing body.

Jeff James
Chief Executive Officer

Catherine Daum, MD
Director of Cost and Utilization

David Schultz, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Melissa Odom
Chief Operating Officer

Megan Tharp
Compliance Officer