Public Reporting

A primary objective of Physicians Healthcare Collaborative is to work toward creating financial savings within the healthcare system through the improvement of the quality and delivery of healthcare to Medicare patients. We want to demonstrate and communicate the impact of the combined efforts of all those participating in Physicians Healthcare Collaborative have on the Medicare system. To that end, we will be providing financial updates as to the savings generated and how those funds will be distributed back into the healthcare system.

Here's a public reporting of our shared savings.

Amount of any Shared Savings or Losses for any PY$3,169,083.63
Proportion of Shared Savings invested in infrastructure, redesigned care processes, and other resources necessary to improve outcomes and reduce Medicare costs for Beneficiaries16%
Proportion of Shared Savings distributed to ACO Participant Providers and Preferred Providers84%

For additional historical data on shared saving, see our past results.