2014 Clinical Quality

One of our objectives is to provide you with the information you need to best understand how we're working to provide a healthier population and improved healthcare system. You can use our 2014 reporting data below to compare us to other participating ACOs or compare our performance from year to year. To view more current data, visit our Clinical Quality page.

2014 Reporting Period - Physician's Healthcare Collaborative Quality Measure Results and Comparisons

For additional historical data, see our 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 results.

Measure NumberMeasure NameACO Performance RateMean Performance Rate (SSP ACOs)
ACO-1 2Getting Timely Care, Appointments, and Information 74.6280.13
ACO-2 2How Well Your Doctors Communicate 91.3892.39
ACO-3 2Patients’ Rating of Doctor 91.0391.58
ACO-4 2Access to Specialists 84.7783.97
ACO-5 2Health Promotion and Education61.4358.29
ACO-6 2Shared Decision Making 75.2174.60
ACO-7 2Health Status/Functional Status 72.5171.10
ACO-8 1Risk Standardized, All Condition Readmission14.6215.15
ACO-9 1ASC Admissions: COPD or Asthma in Older Adults0.871.08
ACO-10 1ASC Admission: HF1.121.19
ACO-11 2Percent of Primary Care Providers Who Successfully Attested for the EHR Incentive Program Incentive Payment86.4976.71
ACO-12 2Medication Reconciliation 53.5782.61
ACO-13 2Falls: Screening for Fall Risk 63.2645.60
ACO-14 2Influenza Immunization69.9057.51
ACO-15 2Pneumococcal Vaccination81.3555.03
ACO-16 2Adult Weight Screening and Follow-up58.2366.75
ACO-17 2Tobacco Use Assessment and Cessation Intervention95.8886.79
ACO-18 2Depression Screening41.8539.27
ACO-19 2Colorectal Cancer Screening82.2856.14
ACO-20 2Mammography Screening87.3561.41
ACO-21 2Proportion of Adults who had blood pressure screened in past 2 years43.2060.24
ACO-22* 2Hemoglobin A1c Control (HbA1c) (<8 percent) 78.14Diabetes composite provided only
ACO-23* 2Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) (< 100 mg/dL)70.00Diabetes composite provided only
ACO-24* 2Blood Pressure (BP) < 140/90 73.02Diabetes composite provided only
ACO-25* 2Tobacco Non-Use 83.49Diabetes composite provided only
ACO-26* 2Aspirin Use 76.47Diabetes composite provided only
ACO-27 1Percent of beneficiaries with diabetes whose HbA1c in poor control (>9 percent)9.0720.35
ACO-28 2Percent of beneficiaries with hypertension whose BP < 140/9070.4768.02
ACO-29 2Percent of beneficiaries with IVD with complete lipid profile and LDL control < 100mg/dl71.3957.29
ACO-30 2Percent of beneficiaries who use Aspirin or other antithrombotic84.1380.79
ACO-31 2Beta-Blocker Therapy for LVSD83.7482.71
ACO-32* 2Drug Therapy for Lowering LDL-Cholesterol80.82CAD composite provided only
ACO-33* 2(ACE) Inhibitor or (ARB) Therapy for Patients with CAD and Diabetes and/or (LVSD)72.15CAD composite provided only

1 The lower the percentage the better the performance.
2 The higher the percentage the better the performance.

* - Measure is part of either the Diabetes Composite measure or the Coronary Artery Disease Composite measure