What is PHC?

What is PHC?

Physicians Healthcare Collaborative is a partnership of providers dedicated to the coordination of care toward improving the health and well-being of the Medicare Fee-for-Service patients and communities they serve. Below you can see our current participating providers and preferred providers. As additional providers agree to participate, we will let you know who and where they are, so you can participate in creating a healthier you and improved healthcare system.

Who is PHC?

Preferred Providers

  • Anfuso, Anthony   (Precision Healthcare Specialists)
  • Aristhyl, Yajaida   (Monogram Health)
  • Ates, Rebecca   (Monogram Health)
  • Avelar, Rogelio   (Precision Healthcare Specialists)
  • Becker, Jacqueline   (Monogram Health)
  • Bell, Susan   (Monogram Health)
  • Bilal, Moniba   (Monogram Health)
  • Brodmerkel, Britney   (Monogram Health)
  • Brown, Alan   (Advocate Radiation Oncology)
  • Brown, Charlesetta   (Monogram Health)
  • Campbell Thomas, Katherine   (Monogram Health)
  • Cirner, Jennifer   (Monogram Health)
  • Davis, Angela   (Monogram Health)
  • Dion, Kimberly   (Monogram Health)
  • Dosoretz, Daniel   (Advocate Radiation Oncology)
  • Dosoretz, Arie   (Advocate Radiation Oncology)
  • Fals, Zahily   (Monogram Health)
  • Figueroa, Sandra   (Monogram Health)
  • Fitch, Dwight   (Advocate Radiation Oncology)
  • Fletcher Chairs, Joy   (Monogram Health)
  • Fox, Amy   (Advocate Radiation Oncology)
  • Garton, Graciela   (Advocate Radiation Oncology)
  • Gonzalez Hernadez, Anisbel   (Monogram Health)
  • Gupta, Shaminder   (Monogram Health)
  • Hahn, Leigh   (Monogram Health)
  • Herron, Caitlyn   (Precision Healthcare Specialists)
  • Hobeika, Georges   (Advocate Radiation Oncology)
  • Ike, Felice   (Monogram Health)
  • Isaak, John   (Monogram Health)
  • Jordan, Nancy   (Monogram Health)
  • Kavanagh, Joel   (Monogram Health)
  • Khan, Rizwan   (Monogram Health)
  • Klein, Thomas   (Advocate Radiation Oncology)
  • Koshy, Mary   (Advocate Radiation Oncology)
  • Lane, Pamela   (Monogram Health)
  • Leo, Mark   (Precision Healthcare Specialists)
  • Linneman, Amanda   (Monogram Health)
  • Masulli, Jaclyn   (Monogram Health)
  • Miljutina, Maria   (Monogram Health)
  • Morrell, Kalliope   (Monogram Health)
  • Pezzi, Todd   (Advocate Radiation Oncology)
  • Rashid, Lubna   (Monogram Health)
  • Rice, David   (Advocate Radiation Oncology)
  • Riker, Adam   (Precision Healthcare Specialists)
  • Rubenstein, James   (Advocate Radiation Oncology)
  • Schindler, Tara   (Monogram Health)
  • Sickles, Joy   (Monogram Health)
  • Slauterbeck, Roberta   (Monogram Health)
  • Spall, Nicole   (Monogram Health)
  • Troutman, Hannah   (Monogram Health)
  • Victor, Darlyn   (Monogram Health)

Participating Providers

You can find all of the participating ACO Reach providers below. Click a letter to view all of the providers listed alphabtetically.